• Faculty Instructor at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital, Member of the American College of Cardiology and American Heart Association. Early Career participant of the leadership development program of the American Society of Nuclear Cardiology, Editorial Board member of  Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine journal and BMC Cardiovascular Disorders journal.
  • General Interests: Climate justice, Health Equity, and Mental health. Enjoy Photography, Drone Cinematography, and Traveling.
  • Research Interests: are focused on studying a Neuro-Immuno-Arterial biological axis, via employing Advanced non-invasive multimodality molecular imaging approaches (i.e., PET/CT, MRI), to understand the underlying link between socio-environmental stressors and cardiovascular disease risk in different populations including those with RA and HIV.
  • Current Projects: investigating the interaction between genetic risk, environmental pathogens, lifestyle factors, imaging indices, and their contributions to aortic valve disease risk and other cardiovascular disorders.
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